<img src="http://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/40/25/87/48/1241716512.jpg?t=1495973255"><br>Are you in the Graphics, Marketing, or Business Communications industry? We are a group of industry professionals that rent our individual office and production spaces in the Bokland Custom Visuals building in Albany. Our companies' services interrelate and help us generate new opportunities and new income for our businesses. Are you a motivated business that can join our space and benefit from the services, networking and business referrals that the proximity and professionalism provide? We are interviewing for 2 tenants for space available in the building: 500 SF office with 9' ceilings. Carpeted, open space with modern look. Great office for 1 to 3 people. Work quietly or entertain clients; it's that flexible. Only - $500/mo. 1,400 SF with 3 private offices, reception area, workshop/studio area, 2 bathrooms, and a loading dock. Ceilings are 9' and can be opened up to 14'. Excellent for photographer, digital &amp; web production, set or sign crafter, marketing/sales office, etc. Only - $1,250/mo. Both spaces are on the 1st floor. They each have a private entrance and parking. Heat and electric are included. Leases are required. Fiber optic and T1 Internet access is available. For more information call Rick Kessler - 518-464-0870 ext. 232.<br>